Memory Restored, IBS and Knee Pain Gone - Bethel

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A woman came here this week with a cane and a lot of physical problems. She had to have a wheelchair in the airport to get here. She has been dealing with one physical thing after another for 30 years. Thousands of dollars have been spent on doctors. She never knew if she would be sick from one day to the next. She was in bed for close to three years. Fifteen years ago, she had a mini stroke, and her memory went downhill from there. She could not remember how to carry on a conversation, and she was terrified that people would think she was stupid. She could not think of how to respond, so she isolated herself from all her friends. She quit reading the Bible or anything because she could not remember what she had read. She used to memorize huge passages of Scripture. Little bits of them would come back and sustain her in those days.

She had severe pain in her knee and needed a replacement. She had already had one. She had holes in her brain and legions on it, and she suffered from very bad IBS. She had given up any hope of having a destiny and said she did not want "to be here" anymore.

To come here to Bethel this week for the Kingdom Culture Conference, she said, everything came together including having a friend to come with her. People have been loving on her and restoring her hope and prophesying over her. Friday night, Pastor Bill called for those who had traumatic brain injury to stand. He shared testimonies of those healed of such things, including strokes. That started to give her hope that she could function again, that God wasn't done with her and that she could start to dream again. She stood up to receive prayer.

The next morning, she remembered everything that Pastor Bill had preached, and she had not been able to remember so easily in over 15 years. She was able to read the Bible. All the pain in her digestive system left. All the pain in her knee left Friday night, and she no longer needs her cane. She can stand on one foot, the one that she could not do that with before. She reported Saturday, "I feel like I'm going home a new person. I am so grateful. It's like I've been to God's body shop. It's like I've had a total makeover."