Youth Group Experiences Healing at Grace Chapel in Oceanside, CA

Erik Frederickson  Feb 9, 2012

Jesus healed people in the streets during the day yesterday, then at youth group at Grace Chapel Jesus intimately touched some teenagers. Before we even started Jesus grew one of the kids legs out an inch or so, then the young man said, "Can He heal my knee as well?" haha So Jesus did heal his knee. Then we worshiped and the presence of God was really thick :)
We then broke into groups and prayed with the youth. We prayed for multiple things for each other with the youth. Then I had 4 of the young men pray for my hurting shoulder, Jesus healed it! Then our small group prayed for one of the boys hurt knee. We started praying and the young man said, "What the! My knee is all tingling. Wow, my leg is numb now!" Once he could fell his leg and knee again it was all healed! Good job Jesus!!!