Infection in Hand Caused Extreme Pain and Heat But All Of It Left Immediately After Prayer - Thomas and Ahava Fischer

Thomas and Ahava Fischer (TGN shared from facebook June 2014)

Greenville, SC ·

During our home church on Sunday morning we were talking about ministering healing on the streets (what a surprise, right?) and the question was asked, "Do you set times to go out?" I replied, "Sometimes, but we really just make it a lifestyle, so if I happen to be in Walmart or Publix or wherever, I make myself available for whoever needs a touch from the Lord."

After church, Ahava and I went to Publix to get a few things. As we were walking to the cash registers, one of the cashiers who had an open line waved us over. Her name is Liz and she had her hand wrapped from an injury. She had gotten in between her two dogs who were fighting over attention and ended up injured with an infection. The infection was full blown with lots of pain and heat in her hand (hard to believe she was even at work). With just enough time before someone else came onto her line, the heat and pain all left immediately.

We didn't go to Publix because I had mentioned that during our meeting. I forgot about it and simply went about my day. I didn't try to make this happen. It just happened. Liz, the cashier called us over to her. The Lord confirms his word and has prepared good works in advance for you to walk in.