Holy Spirit breaks out at a football game - Jason Chin

October 16, 2011

We had one of the most amazing Jesus nights ever tonight! It was Friday night strikes at Bethel Church. Our leader and my good friend revivalist Angelo Jeanpierre felt that we should all go to a local high school football game to release Gods good mood and His kingdom. Some of my closest friends and some radical youth that I love from Bethel’s Campus Awakening went out. There were so many healings and miracles it was hard to keep track of them. Well over 40 miracles were remembered along with many salvations and incredible God encounters. The youth wereradically encountered with the Holy Spirit. Many felt  intense power and presence as Holy Spirit touched them. Many of the youth had already asked Jesus into their lives but had never witnessed or experienced His power. The youth once encountered said they really believe now and there is no longer any doubt if Jesus is real! Yay, Jesus is King and Lord! Many of the youth were healed by the youth that came with us and they received invitations to Bethel’s Youth Campus Awakening. The Campus Awakening heart is to empower the youth to invade their own high school with Gods love and power. The youth will pray during one lunch hour and then reaches out supernaturally to students  on a following day. During this football game God dropped a big Holy Spirit bomb to bring many youth into a deeper relationship with Him. Please watch this video which is a small fraction of what Jesus did on this amazing night! Most teams didn’t video record what happened. I was the only one with a camera. Jesus is truly amazing!