Inmate Healed of HepC through Word of Knowledge

TGN Exclusive Testimony submitted by Kermit Harpold:

ACMI, NC State Prison, Spruce Pine, NC

About three months ago I had a word of knowledge that God had healed someone of HepC at weekly worship at local prison. Inmate stood and claimed his healing through this word.
A few weeks later, the same inmate broke his hand lifting weights. At recent checkup on hand, the doctor who was new to the prison, told him he needed to get set up for treatment for HepC. Inmate told doctor he did not have HepC and doctor began to correct him because he had his test results in hand. The inmate shared the testimony of healing and doctor told him that would be impossible and he wanted to test him again. Inmate agreed and saying he would be glad to have proof of God's goodness.
Today, at first med visit since test, doctor asked him "Does that faith you have work for everyone?"
Inmate replied, "For everyone who believes God's Word."
"Well you obviously believe," doctor replied "because you no longer have HepC."
Ah the goodness of God and His Grace. "Only believe!"