God Healed my Eyes - Karin Spanner

TGN Exclusive Testimony submitted by Karin Spanner:

My mother deals with macular degeneration in her eyes and is legally blind, and my eye doctors knows this. When I visited my doctor, in early April, he saw some things in my  eye mapping test that concerned him and he spoke some really bad words over my eyes. He requested I make another appointment immediately for two more mapping tests (before I left on a two-week trip). Well, I asked God to let the words he spoke over me fall to the ground and become nothing. Then I went on my trip and didn't see the eye doctor again until last Monday (May 20th). I had the other two tests, went in to see the doctor and told him he was going to find my eyes were completely better than the last time he looked at them. He didn't seem convinced. He looked at my eyes with his bright light and said, "hmmm...your eyes have resolved themselves." But knowing the other two mapping tests would catch something he couldn't see he said, "let's look at the computer screen." Then he said, "well, I don't see anything wrong here," and I said, "I told you so." Jehovah Rapha!