Blistered Skin Now Smooth After Prayer - Bethel


A man had recently had knee surgery, so he hired someone to help with his yard work.
Trying to get up, he accidentally put his hand on the exhaust of the rototiller, causing a severe burn to the palm of his hand. He went to the ER, and they said it could be a third- degree burn. Two days later, he went to another town to see a plastic surgeon, who thought it might be a second-degree burn, but was still serious. But in the two days before seeing the surgeon, he had received a lot of prayer from his prayer group and at his church. The surgeon said, "I won't operate now." There are so many nerve endings in the hand, and there was still so much blistering, and whether it was second or third-degree was not certain.

He kept his hand covered until he got to Bethel for the Kingdom Culture Conference.
His wife said, "It was still pretty gross." He would put it down gingerly and wince.

He went for prayer for his knee pain last night. Kevin Dedmon held his hands to pray. Today, his hand is normal! It is smooth where there was a rough edge before. The skin still looked traumatized and very red. Now it's just a little red but smooth and looks and feels normal. It was supposed to take six months to get like that.

His knee also has no pain. It had been giving a little pain when he sat.