Mother is Raised From the Dead by Grieving Husband - Aruna Warry

Risen from the Dead

St Albans, UK

My name is Aruna Warry, I am from India, and this testimony is about my mother.

Before I was born, my father who is a pastor, started a new Pentecostal ministry. When I was very young, my mother died suddenly, and was declared dead by the doctor. This left my father to care for my three sisters, one brother and myself. My father lived his life to serve God and felt that he would no longer be able to dedicate his life to the ministry if he had to care for us alone.

He left his family and friends, who were crying over his wife's body, and went into a separate room to pray. He begged God to give his wife back to him for at least twenty years so that his children would then be grown up and he could use those years to serve God.

He then went to my mother's body and commanded that she come alive in Jesus' name! Instantly my mother started to breathe, opened her eyes and sat-up.

People asked her: “While you were dead for some hours, what happened to you, during this time?” She told them that two people came and took her with them. As they went, a voice said ”Take her back”. The people who were taking her asked “Why? You said we should bring her up”. The voice said “My son has prayed to have her back for twenty years, so that he may serve me”.

Twenty years went by and one day my mother felt a pain in her abdomen that got worse over the next few days. She went to the hospital and they gave her an ultrasound and found polycystic nephrotic disease (a kidney disease). The doctor explained to me that my mother has started renal insufficiency and although they will put her on a renal diet, she will gradually develop renal failure. As her condition gets worse, she will need to go on dialysis to stay alive. But this is not a cure, and will only keep her alive for a few years, and she will need a kidney transplant to live longer. Unfortunately, it was not possible for her to have a transplant.

Two years later, after she had been on dialysis for a year, she suddenly became very sick and we took her to the hospital. They examined her and found that she had fluid in her lungs, which meant that she had difficulty breathing. This was so bad that the fluid started to come out of her nose and she stopped breathing and fell unconscious. Her heart rate dropped to less than ten beats per minute, and was maintained through adrenaline injections. Her doctor had put her on a ventilator, since she could not breathe unassisted and then she started to bleed internally. The doctor said she won't live, and could die at any minute.

My whole family started praying for my mother. My father begged the Lord to restore his wife because he could not bear to see his children crying. God told him that my father had already asked Him for twenty years and that she had already lived twenty two years. My father said to God “Give her second chance to live!” My father then took us to our mother, put his hands on her head and commanded her to come back to life in Jesus' name. She then opened her eyes, and we asked a doctor to remove the tube from the ventilator, since she could now breathe! After the doctor had examined her, and found that her heart beat was normal, and the internal bleeding had stopped, he took the tube out. She then sat up and asked for food. She was discharged from the hospital the next day.

She then lived one more year, until the day that she told my younger sisters at breakfast that she did not think that she would live much longer! They checked her pulse and blood pressure (they were qualified nurses), but they could not find a pulse or detect any blood pressure. They told her that she must go to the hospital. My mother walked to the car, despite having no pulse or blood pressure. But she kept telling them that this was pointless and that she would not live. As they drove to the hospital, she closed her eyes and died.

Praise the Lord for the miracles he wrought in my family...

Love in Jesus Christ


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