Level 10 Pain, Deaf Ears, Respiratory Problem, and More Healed - Stan Donn

Here's a few highlights of the past several days from Stan Donn in Brazil.

A. Tuesday 5/27/2014, daytime got to go to great beach with Maria with my last beach day in the morning.  Evening was service at Pastor Marcelo's church.  The Lord gave me a lot of words of knowledge for healing and many were healed. 12 or more people opened their hearts to Jesus.  Some of the cool healings were:

1. Man with respiratory problems since birth was completely healed.  He said he could take full breaths without restriction.

2. Elderly woman with level 10 back pain for 10 years was healed.

3. She prayed for the man with respiratory problem.

4. Woman deaf in right ear and 60% deaf in other ear was healed when I asked her boyfriend to pray for her.  He had never prayed for anyone before!  I asked if she liked him better now, and she said "YES".

5. Woman with shoulder and wrist joint problem was healed by woman next to her who had never prayed for anyone before!