God Leads Him to Vista Community Clinic - Erik Frederickson

Erik Frederickson  Apr 17, 2012

Yesterday on my way back from Vista God told me to stop @ the Vista community clinic (where people without insurance go for medical assistance). I sat outside praying in tongues quietly and welcoming His presence for 5 or 10mins before I prayed for anyone. Then in a matter of 20mins or so Jesus healed a ladies knee, her back, and her hip. Then Jesus healed her husbands back and shoulder. Then another lady came up in a walker and said, "I'm next" haha Jesus then took all the pain away from her broken hip and leg, she still needed her walker because her leg wasn't strong enough, but Jesus took all the pain away.

Its normal Christianity. Our focus should always be knowing Him, all this other stuff should just happen everywhere we go simply because we know Him. Good job Jesus!!