Jesus Heals a Weed Smoking Dealer in Maui - Desiree Pardo

Desiree Pardo  Jun 7, 2012

Cynthia, Dennis and i went to a little hippie town in Maui today and a guy asked me if I would like to smoke weed with him. I thanked him and said no but wanted to know if he had any pain because I practiced healing. He said "oh, all I do is sell weed I don't have money for healing." I told him I do it for free, it's a joy to see people healed. He had never heard of someone doing it for free and told me his back is in constant pain. I released "healing energy" into his back and prophesied his destiny in him and over his tattoos (; he asked me what i was all about and i got to tell him about king Jesus. He was so touched he sung me a Indian tribal song called "honoring a women" it was pretty intense I was so whacked. As I was walking away I turned around and asked him how his back felt and he twisted around and said really great!!!

Aloha ♥