I Feel He is Going to Take His Life - David Foulds

David Foulds  Jun 6, 2012

Took the sprinter to Escondido to pick up my bike, two fights break out; no I did not cause them, getting off the tram; I see the dude causing the trouble and get to talk with him for about 30 min. So cool, walking to the dealer I approach a guy leaning against the street walkway, I feel he's going to take his life. I walk over, say are you ok; no my name is Don and I need you to pray for me, I'm trying to convince myself not to run in front of a car. Yeh, HOLY SPIRIT; start praying he throws his arm up high and starts screaming thank you JESUS. We talked and walked for a while, GOD is so good; don't be afraid to talk to people.