Woman Healed of Suicidal Thoughts and Comes Off of Meds - Don Allen

Don Allen (TGN shared from facebook)

June 15, 2014  Gravois Mills, MO ·

Just received a Father's Day Gift from my Heavenly Father. My wife and I are in the checkout of our local supermarket and a lady walks up with her cart and says, "Remember me?"

I kind of recognized her but not really. She went on to tell me that she came to church one Sunday while I was in town. She came in for the first time, not knowing anything about the place. She came in suicidal, on a bunch of psychotic meds and ready to go home and end it all.

She came forward and cried and was mad and her kids didn't love her, husband was abusive, and I'm done. She asked if I remember what I told her? I didn't. She pulled up her sleeve and showed me a bracelet that read, "I still believe." She was wearing that the day she came.

She said, "You told me that even though no one else believes in me, that God is wearing a bracelet that says, " I believe in you!" That changed my life forever.

I went home and Gods peace poured over me. Today I am off all but one medication. I went home that day and by the end of the day I was filled with the spirit and speaking in tongues. I'm free!" And every time the devil tries to get me down, I look at my bracelet and know, God believes in me!"

That's a good Father's Day.