Woman Healed After God Instructs Him to Roar Over Her

Toni Valdez Imsen  Dec 29, 2011

About a month ago a woman came to our healing rooms at The Refuge. She had a really bad bladder infection, a problem with her back and a few other issues one of which was fibromyalgia. She was in so much pain waiting for her turn for prayer she walked out to her car with a friend for some ibuprofen. My husband heard the Lord tell him to roar over her. So he went outside and told her what he heard and asked her if it was ok to do that. She said she was in so much pain she didn't care what he did. She drove a long way with a group and was desperate to be healed. So he roared and it was so loud every one inside could hear it in their healing room. I think we had four or five rooms going that day. Everyone in their room was healed and when she walked back in the building for her appointment her back made a loud popping sound and straightened out instantly and all her pain left her including fibromyalgia she had for 20 years. The Lord heals when he wants however he wants. All we have to do is listen and participate. Where's my easy button when I need it? THAT WAS EASY! LOL