Gun Shot Wound to Chest Moves and Boy Comes Out of Coma

Ethel Fuller  Dec 29, 2011

My son shot himself in the chest, (in the area my mother shot herself) July '09. Prayed for him there on the spot. Then again and again at later times. We left on a medivac to the nearest facility equipped to treat him. About a thousand air miles away. He had several surgeries. Than all we could do was wait. He was in a coma. On the seventh night, a friend, her husband and I anointed and prayed for him. We felt the Lord's presence come in a powerful way. After some time in prayer and praise, they left and I left too. The next morning as I entered the ICU there was a hushed "there she is". Everyones eyes turned toward me. Everyone had a smile. His nurse came to me, and said, "we don't know but something happened during the night. He is awake. My son had woken up during the night. One elderly man came to me and said. I know what happened. It happened because of what you did last night. Meaning prayer. the progress he has made is all God. He is still in a lot of pain. Can't use his right leg, but I know God is not done with him yet.

My son did not respond to my please, my cries of don't leave me. As difficult as it was, I had to get out of my flesh and from my spirit speak the
Word of God over my son. It was the only when I did this that he responded. little flicker of the eyelids, the brow and his finger. He would only respond to the Almighty Word of God.

Oh my mother lived only seventeen minutes after shooting herself in the same spot. It was a terrible reminder of my mothers death. So I told the Lord this, that this is very tormenting for me. Would he move the wound on my sons chest please. During the exhausting time of doing warfare and prayer I failed to look at his chest. One day I did, and to my amazement the wound had been moved towards the left. It no longer was right over his heart.

O should add, that I felt the coldness of death come into my son's room so many times. I would command it to go in the Name of Jesus. As I was getting physically fatigued, I asked my daughter to call me if she felt a coldness. I explained to her that I am now so tired and I may not sense it when it comes for my son. I explained to her what it is. She called me once when I did not feel it. And I commanded it to go in Jesus Name. The sad part about it is though, someone else would "leave" in the ICU.

He is alive today. Experiences extreme nerve pain. But God is not finished with him yet. He is a miracle in the making. He can do so much more than in the beginning. Praise the Name of the Living God !! Jesus!!