Vision of Jesus and Death Over Grandpa - Jesus Wins

Sue Wilke  Feb 11, 2012

God is real..if only you beleive in HIM. Want to share what happened so you will open your eyes to faith. TRUST.

Thursday-I left the room while the nurses did some things to him, suddenly all the doctors were in the room Grandpa lost consciousness and they couldn't reach him...they came out and told us they are reintibating him and going down for a catscan they think he has a blood clot in the brain. I took this to Jesus and I saw in a vision the Lord holding him as I got closer to seek daddy's face I saw the beast under the white cloak and I commanded him to flee and death to go in Jesus name...the beast dropped Grandpa on the ground. Jesus then came and took his hand and the two of them walked off. end of vision.

I went back to talk to my family and they said the doctor just came back and told them grandpa became conscious and it is not a blood clot that they don't need to intibate him.....they cant explain what happened.. they thought it was a seizure, but those tests came back negative.