Dad Commands His Sick Child to be Healed Over Phone at School

Eddie Ward Feb 10, 2012

So the school calls to inform me that my son says he thinks he has a stomach virus, I say let me talk to him. He gets on the phone ,I tell I can not pick him up and that he will have to go back to class, he insists that he is sick and needs to be picked up , the nurse is a substitute and not really a nurse, ironically I am. I command this sickness to go and tell Him that He will feel better in 30 minutes. He said the praying wont help.
He comes home eats 2 yogurts, we go out to eat and only just now did i realize that he hasn't said a thing. I mention that God must have healed him with in the 30 minutes( he ate his lunch an hour later) and that he was wrong . He said I was wrong and I am glad you were right. Praise God, Jesus Rocks!!!