Stage 3 Prostate Cancer Healed - Mark Houser

Mark Houser
3 yrs. ago I had stage 3-4 cancer. I was told it had spread too far and that they weren't going to get it all, that I had about 2 yrs. to live. In response to the Dr. I stated, "it's alright, if I die I'm with Jesus, if I live I have a testimony, either way I win." The Dr. looked at my wife and I as if I were crazy. When they went in to remove my prostate all the "critical cancer" that was supposedly going to kill me was gone, disappeared. The power of prayer at work. The best part was the surgeon who previously was not a believer became a believer. 3 yrs. later I'm 100% cancer free. We serve an "amazing" God. If I had not lived, I know I'd be "amazed, being in eternity with Him."