Woman's Carpal Tunnel is Healed and She Freaks Out - Erik Frederickson

Erik Frederickson (TGN shared from facebook)

San Diego, CA 6-13-14

A small team of us had great fun at the Del Mar Fair last night. People were healed, saved, and super encouraged through the prophetic.

One fun story... We went into the "freak show" and as the performers were swallowing swords, walking on swords, spitting fire, etc... I noticed a lady with two wrist braces on. As the show was restarting I approached her and her husband and asked if I could pray for her carpal tunnel. She said yes. I prayed and Jesus lit her wrists on fire and completely healed her carpal tunnel.

She was freaking out in the "freak show". She was pushing on her wrists and moving them around trying to convince her husband she was healed. I told her about the love of Jesus for a bit. God was God last night, good job Jesus!!! With Desirée Nichole Pardo, Jonathan Alexander Tilghman, Gina Misch, and more.