God Provides a Hundred-Fold Return Supernaturally - Bethel

June.11.2014 (shared from Bethel website - link is on our connections page)

A second-year graduate, Josh Siviglia, went to Kentucky on a ministry trip with Kris Vallotton and a small team. Josh had only $15 in his pocket. The first night, believing for a 100-fold return, he gave $12 in the offering. The next morning, the team went to a coffee shop. A lady said, "Excuse me. Are you guys the Bethel team? I was spending time with God this morning, and he told me to go to the coffee shop and buy coffee for the Bethel team." She bought them all coffee that morning. Then they ministered. Later that evening, while they were getting ready to leave after ministry time, Josh discovered $40 in his backpack that wasn't there before. With some of that money, he bought a medium pizza that fed about six people several pieces each. And there was one piece left over.

The last evening, he gave his last ten dollars in the offering. As he was getting ready to leave, he discovered $100 in his backpack. That night his third-year tuition was due ($100), and he had enough to pay it.