Glenn Beck is Profoundly Touched by God During Meet and Greet -WOW Testimony - Don Allen

Don Allen (sent to TGN June 2014)

A few years back Glenn Beck was hosting an event called, "Restoring Honor". While he was discussing this event on his program on Fox News, he mentioned that he had received a report from the doctors that he had a disease that very well could cause him to go blind.

My daughter and wife were watching as he made this announcement. My oldest daughter, Lizzie called me into the room and said, " Dad, you've got to pray for Glenn Beck." She explained all that he said, and I said, " Sure I will."

Now I was thinking that I would say a prayer for him a couple times as I would think of him. About a week later, my tech support person for the ministry sends me a text and asked, "Are you suppose to pray for Glenn Beck?"

Just to see where this was going, I texted back and answered yes. He then sent me a message that said, " It's done!" I thought, what? What does that mean? So I called him. He informed me that he felt we needed to pray for Glenn and so he got online, found that he was hosting a show in Chicago, bought the last two, gold front row, center seats.

That morning, his boss had given him a bonus check that was for the exact amount of these tickets. The other bonus of having the gold tickets were you get to go to a meet and greet with Glenn before the show.

Fast forward to Chicago. We show up to get our tickets, we have no real plan at all. We walk in and find 70 others who also bought these tickets. They usher us to a small studio under the Chicago theater, where they have some chairs and tables set up, with a roped off area, where Glenn will be standing.

People rushed to the front and filled all the good seats. The only seats left were off to the side and kind of behind a pillar and would have you sitting behind Glenn. So I'm still trying to figure out how or what to do. We drove 7 hours to be here.

A staff worker came by and I tried to ask her if we could get just 10 seconds with Glenn? She took off before I could finish. I finally said," Lord I'm done here. I don't know what to do!" Glenn comes out and he walks right past us to the front tables, greets everyone and then he starts talking about the disease.

He said it not only effects the eyes but it also causes his hands to feel like they had gas poured on them and lit with a match. He apologized because he couldn't shake hands due to a flare up. He then started talking about leaving fox and starting his own program but right as he started talking, I couldn't hear him. It was like a glass wall came between us and I couldn't hear him. I remember telling myself to focus and listen but, I couldn't.

I looked at the friend next to me and he was bent over, shaking and praying. Suddenly I realize,God is trying to speak to me. I heard this in an audible voice, "We are doing this right here, right now!" What?! Then he said it again and right as he said it, Glenn slapped his hands together, turned all the way around, looked at me and said, " you just got to do what God tells you to do. Any questions?"

My friend looks up at me immediately and says, "You got something to say?" I raised my hand and said," I have a question, can I pray for you?" Immediately Glenn broke down, sobbing so hard he could only motion for me to come up.

This room had his whole staff, wife, cameras and 70 others. I went up and he grabbed me, pulled me in and just cried. It was a good couple of awkward minutes before he spoke. He then said, " This is why our nation will change, men that will pray."

He then cried some more and I finally pushed him off of me and told him the whole story of why we were here. Then I prayed and power hit that room!

When I finished, " In Jesus name, Amen!" The whole room stood to their feet, yelling, shouting, clapping! As I went to my seat, people shook my hand, grabbing me, wanting me to pray for them too. Then Glenn pulled me to the side and we discussed some other things. And went on to get ready for the show. My head was spinning.

I called my wife, we cried. I found my seat and sat down on the front row, then two guys came down, beer in hand, and sat next to me and said, " What was that?" I asked if they had been in the room. They had and I immediately began to preach Jesus. About 5 minutes into it, we had 25 people surrounding us asking for prayer.

The show started and Glenn came out. There were 5000 people there that night. He came out and stood in front of us and just cried. Every time he would walk to our end of the stage, he would cry and stop. I don't know what anyone thinks about Glenn but that night he preached Jesus for 3 hours! There were even people shouting amen!

A couple weeks later my phone lit up as friends were listening to Glenn's radio show and he shared what happened and how, for the first time, the disease had started to reverse and he would not go blind! God is awesome!