Broken Ankle Healed and She Walked Without Needing Her Crutches - Bethel

TGN shared from Bethel website (link is on our connections page)


At the end of a service we asked anyone that needed healing in their body to come up for prayer. An intern, Heidi, and I prayed for a girl with crutches. Before we prayed, her pain level was at 9 out of 10. We prayed three times, and each time, the pain level went down until it was at zero. She was completely healed! She was jumping up and down crying. Her aunts were with her, and they were crying as well. I thought she had a sprained ankle, but I asked her afterwards what was wrong with her in the first place, and she said that her ankle was broken. She walked away from the meeting without needing crutches!
—BSSM First-year student, Madysen Lenihan