Bones Popped and Snapped Back Into Place Instantly - Don Allen

Don Allen (shared with TGN June 2014)

I was ministering at a small church in Mid Missouri, closing out the service by laying hands on the sick, setting captives free.

An older gentleman, in his 80s had recently been released from the hospital. He had been hit by a car, crossing traffic and had broken ribs, arm, leg, collarbone, ruptured spleen, cracked his head and just overall beat up and bruised.

He came forward with the help of a few others and we began to tell him how Jesus was broken for him, bruised and beaten so that he didn't have to be. I'm pretty sure it was similar to the time Paul could see that a man in his meetings had faith. This guy was lit up! He believed it all 100 percent.

So we commanded the bones, ligaments, tendons, cells to all line up to the original blueprint of man found in Adam. And all of the sudden, it started with a loud crack! His hip popped back in place, then over the next 5 minutes or so, you could hear the loudest, almost sickening pops, cracks and snaps, taking place in this mans body.

Then just like that, ever bone was perfectly restored, in their right places. Bruising was gone, and he was laughing so hard, I thought he would pass out. He said it tickled the whole time.

Your God made the human body and your God can and will certainly fix it!