Jesus & Angels Appear to Many in Sundarnagar, HP, India

Jesus & angels appear to many in Sundarnagar, HP, India

Sundanagar, Himachal Pradesh, India

On June 7, 2013 we had one of the (if not the) most powerful meetings with Jesus and angels we have ever experienced in our outreaches to India.  It came while our worship leader Samarpan Sean sang songs to invite Holy Spirit. We have never had so many people testify of seeing Jesus or angels face to face & being healed or delivered. We finally had to stop the testimony time.  Most of people who attended knew nothing about Jesus but came because of the buses we ran. The first night a married couple came to the campaign who knew nothing about Jesus. The husband saw Jesus vividly on the cross and then moving through the audience. After that many mighty miracles took place. This couple came to Christ, cut off charms on their bodies that attracted demons. The next night his wife saw Jesus and as I got up to sing 'Ultimate Sacrifice.' Holy Spirit came on her and she began dancing a very difficult dance and did motions to the words of the song (knowing no English)...