Broken Arm Healed and New Ager Comes Home to the Father - Pual Dabdoub

Paul Dabdoub (shared from facebook May 2014)


We had a great time ministering in OB with new friends who moved in the Spirit beautifully in unfamiliar territory.

The highlight for me came at the very end of the night just as we were wrapping up.

These two guys – probably in their 20’s – were outside at our closing time, but we brought them in anyway. Wearing some interesting handmade jewelry that seemed to be connected to the New Age, both of them said, “We’ve been on a really long spiritual journey.”

We took turns prophesying over them, after which they confirmed everything. Afterwards, we got a word of knowledge for the right arm of one of the guys. He confirmed that when he was a kid, he’d punched a telephone pole, broken it, and ever since he’s had numbness and pain in his hand and finds it difficult to write. So we asked if we could pray for him. After we prayed the first time, we got him to test it out, and he started laughing. He couldn’t believe that he instantly had 60% of the feeling back in his hand. And he was perfectly happy with that. But we told him, “I think Jesus wants to do more than that.” So we prayed again, and he totally received the feeling back in his hands. His fingers were trembling and he said, “I can feel the bones moving in my hand.”

Then the best part…

To the other guy we said, “You’ve been on this journey for a long time like you said. But God wants you to encounter what you’ve missed this entire time. He wants you to know Him as Father and to encounter His love very personally. Are you ready for that?”
The guy said, “Yes.”

So we prayed for the love of the Father to come upon him. We barely started praying and massive tears started dropping out of the guy’s eyes like raindrops darkening the already dark purple shirt he was wearing. It was such a deep, personal move of love. And as we were led to pray, we shared that he thought he was seeking God, but God has been seeking Him, that the story of Jesus was God coming here to this planet because He wasn’t just going to just stand by lose His kids.

I would never say that snot hanging out of someone’s nose is a beautiful sight, and it’s pretty gnarly to wipe it off an adult’s nose multiple times, but when the presence of God and His love is so heavy, things that are typically offensive and frankly gross look completely different.
And we finished by telling him, “Jesus said, ‘I won’t leave you as an orphan. I will come to you, and me and the Father will make our home in you.’ And if you want Him, you can have Him tonight.”

“Yes,” he said. Then he prayed an amazingly sincere prayer and gave His life to Jesus – He came home!

Just simply incredible. My heart is still so full this morning as I write this.

This is why we do what we do.

Thank you for including us in this, Jesus!