Tooth Healed Over Facebook Prayer - TGN Testimony

TGN was contacted by Jessica Lewis via FB private message. Here is what transpired and how Jesus showed up.

Jessica Lewis 1:54pm Apr 3

Hello, I'm not sure how you do this but I wanted to ask for prayer for my tooth. I have my back top left molar that needs to have a root canal but since we don't have insurance it needs to be removed. I have prayed for healing and know that God has stopped the pain and the severity of the problem but I am not able to floss because each time I am scared that I will bother the nerve. I know that God wants me whole and I am scared to have it removed. I can survive with it like this (before I could barely handle the pain) but I would love it if it could be completely healed so I didn't have to be so careful with it.
I've never heard of God healing a tooth but I know that He heals so I do believe that he can heal this.
Fellow believer, Jessica

The Greater News 11:44am Apr 30

Hi Jessica, I have heard of many, many testimonies where God has healed teeth. My cousin had her teeth healed. I've even heard of God giving gold teeth (yes, real gold!) to people who have missing teeth! If you can ever get the documentary "The Finger of God" you will see this and many more miracles.

God knows what you need. You are his precious little girl and He has good plans for you, plans to prosper you, not to harm you, give you a hope and a future (Jer 29:11). You are amazingly loved by your Papa God!

I speak to your tooth now and I command all pain to leave once and for all, and I command the tooth to be completely healed, in the name of Jesus! I declare that from this day forward, you will not have any fear associated wtih this tooth for it has been made well. The enemy cannot have a foothold there because Jesus has freed you.

And I declare abundance of your life, over your health, over your relationships, and over your finances. Jesus died to give you life - abundant life. I celebrate what He is doing in your life right now and what He is going to continue to do. And I look forward to hearing the testimony!

Much love to you my sister.

Jill Wyckoff/TGN

Jessica Lewis 1:19pm May 2

Thank you so much for praying for me and Thank you GOD!! It's completely healed!! While I read your prayer I felt the Holy Spirit come over me and afterward I decided to go straight to the bathroom to floss since I really haven't been able to in months without being extremely careful. Well, there was no pain, it's not loose anymore, and it doesn't feel like it's going to break apart in my mouth anymore like it did.
Thank you again. I'm thankful for the testimony and to be able to share that with people confidently.
What a complete blessing. :) Thanks again, Jessica

The Greater News 7:24pm May 2

Yeah! I'm so glad to hear your testimony. I love that God works through Facebook! I didn't even have to lay hands on you. Isn't He just amazing! Thank you, Jesus for Jessica and for your healing touch!!! - Jill