Dead Raising Testimony - Grandmother Comes Back to Life

Dream Culture- Dead raising testimony: Young woman’s grandmother went into hospital for minor hip surgery. Young woman then had a dream in which she saw family members now in Heaven stroking grandmother in hospital and saying “it’s going to be alright.” Young woman perplexed “It’s just a hip operation.” Few nights later woman’s mother calls in hysterics “Grandmother is dead.” The doctors had given her the wrong medicine that killed her. Young woman was about 8th person her mother had called. Young woman grabs and puts clothes on and drives to hospital. On the way she is confused and questioning God. When she got there her mother was hysterical in a corner and doctors and nurses had stepped back from the bed having tried everything to resuscitate her. Equipment all over the floor. Grandmother had been dead at least 20 minutes. Young woman went up to dead Grandmother and touched her forehead. It was cold like granite. Next young woman felt something in her belly she described as physical love that came out of her and she said “I love you Momo.” Grandmother opened her eyes and said “You are such a sweetie.” Everyone freaked out.