Wheelchair cripple with painful spinal injury walks after 7 years - John Mellor

John Mellor-This crippled man was leaving the healing meeting at the end and I was surprised he didn't come up for prayer. So I intercepted him in the hallway and prayed for him. He was suffering a spinal cord nerve injury which caused him to be totally wheelchair bound for 11 years and unable to stand or walk unaided for 7. His pain was so severe that he regularly attended a pain management clinic. After prayer all pain left him and when I pulled him up strength returned and he walked!!! He was totally amazed as doctors told him that he would never walk again! Before prayer he was unable to even stand. Watch this clip that was recorded just after his miracle.

I often feel grieved when I see people leave meetings without coming up for prayer. Many times I say to my wife Julie, "I knew that the Lord wanted to heal that person but they've left!" I know that they were so close to receiving their miracle but their own natural mind robbed them. Let's stir our faith up to believe that with Jesus all things are possible!!!