Pins and Needles Word of Knowledge - Regan Shawn Bothma

Regan Shawn Bothma- I received a word of knowledge for Pins and needles in church today , I shared it with the Church and an elderly woman came up to me and said its me, and burst out crying , I prayed for her and the pins and needles went as she experienced a sensation in her legs, another woman came up to me saying she also suffered from pins and needles ,so I ended up praying for 2 people in the end that were both experiencing pins and needles in their body , after the service i bumped into the one woman at Spar she came up to me and said her pins and needles had left from her shoulder right down her arm...and she was crying Thank u Jesus ..
My pastor Pete Prayed for a guy whose elbow could not bend and it was in a sling, Jesus healed him too , and he was bending his arm with no more sling ! thank you Jesus!