Broken Bone Healed - Before and After X-Ray- Doctor Shocked

McKhenn Ang Santillan shared his testimony on facebook 5/5/16

Praise God im healed  
The doctors said:
We need to operate and 6months to heal, but i dont believe what doctor say to me..

Because The Bible say's in
1peter 2:23 - you were healed by his wounds.

What the word of God states about physical healing: Romans 10:17
'Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Your faith for your healing will come us you listen to, and meditate on the promises in Gods word about your healing

Then i meditate that verse and pray then trusting in Jesus...

After 3 weeks i go back to my doctor.. she was shock and believe because my bone is healed.. she said its so amazing, 3weeks is very fast.