He Felt the Love of God for Him and Then Stepped Out in Faith - Paul Dabdoub

Paul Dabdoub (shared from facebook- Paul's ministry link is on our connections page)

Yesterday, I walked out the gym and passed by this young guy (in his early 20's) who was sitting on a bench with a skateboard resting at his feet and one earbud in his right ear with the other hanging.

As soon as I passed by him, I really felt the love of God for him. I kept walking and didn't sense anything else, but about 25 feet away, I felt more compelled. I stopped, turned around, and looked back at him and paused to see if Holy Spirit would say anything else. And I sensed Holy Spirit say, "Why are you waiting on something else? Just tell him that I love him."

So I walked back past him and re-entered the building (just so that he didn't think I was some kind of creeper or something), and when I walked in to the building, I felt like Holy Spirit did say a couple of other things - something about business, and then I heard the name "Michael."

So I walked back out and up to the guy and said, "Hey man, my name is Paul," extending my hand.

"I'm Justin," he replied.

"Cool. This might sound kinda weird, but sometimes when I see people out and about, God will speak to me about them. And I felt like He said a couple of things. 1 - and MOST important, is that He loves you and thinks you're really amazing. He's got such a huge heart for you. And the other thing is that He's actually really gifted you for business. It's specifically entrepreneurship. You're going to do business in such a way that looks just like you. And the ideas are so awesome that they will be profitable regardless of what the economy looks like.

Oh...and here's the last thing: I felt like He said your name was "Michael." And the name Michael actually means "Who is like God?" And what He's saying is that the dreams and desires in your heart were totally put there by Him. And the more you know Him, the more you're going to see those things come to pass in a relationship with Him. Because He believes in you."

The guy sat there so locked in and said, "Well, I'm in school right now for business. That is totally right. And my middle name is Michael."

The presence of God really overwhelmed me at that point, and I just said, "Yeah, and let me frame this for you. I'm not a psychic. I'm just an everyday Christian. God loves you. That's why He knows all these things. He believes in you. And you have dreams and thoughts that are great, but they don't scratch the surface of what He has for you. And all He wants is a relationship with you so that you fully know who He is and who you are."

Shortly after I headed out. I'm just so blown away by God. I mean really blown away.