Motor Neuron Disease Healed - John Mellor

John Mellor 5/5/13

Glen was healed totally of medically incurable Motor Neurone Disease almost 6 years ago. When he first came to a healing meeting he struggled to walk on 2 walking sticks. Doctors gave him a grim prognosis of being wheelchair bound with his lungs failing and early death. Glen's wife had to comb his hair and shave him and he was steadily deteriorating losing balance and losing sensation in his arms and legs until he had an amazing encounter with the healing power of Jesus. Glen came to 5 meetings with no change but each time he came he saw miracles all around him and his faith grew as I kept encouraging him to believe for his miracle. He also bought all my books and videos about what I teach about healing and followed these principles. The 6th meeting that Glen attended I was at Oxford Falls C3 in Sydney and Glen decided to fly down from Brisbane. That was an amazing act of faith given his weaken condition as he struggled to walk. After prayer at Sydney he had a significant touch from God and he turned the corner and soon became100% healed! When his doctors later tested him they couldn't find any evidence of MND in his system! I firmly believe that true faith involves action. Glen continued to believe God for a miracle even though his doctors and friends would've thought he was crazy. I mean, in the natural world no one ever gets cured from this but we see Jesus heal the 'incurable' continually. Share this clip with someone you may know who is suffering from an 'incurable' disease. Reach out for a miracle today!