Darkness Turns to Light - Bill Irwin - Oak Tree Ministries

Bill Irwin, Oak Tree Ministry- He came in with other family members for Sozo ministry, and he was first to receive ministry ... father, husband, spiritual head of the family. God brought him right to the point as we started to minister. There was a deep stronghold in a particular area in his family line that had affected several marriages and parts of the family, and he was struggling, too. Really struggling.

We asked Jesus to show us what we needed to do, and he began to describe what he saw around him. "It's black. Just black and dark. Very dark. And there's barbed wire wrapped around me. I can't move, and I can't see anything else."

For the next several minutes we worked as the Holy Spirit directed us ... renouncing the sin of the generations that previously had walked in the stronghold ... renouncing his own sin ... renouncing the lies that Satan had told him about the power of the stronghold in his life ... breaking agreements with the sin and the lies ... and then binding and casting out the spirits that were lying to him and keeping him trapped. It never got loud or pressured while we worked, just calm and quiet.

We sat for a moment as we finished and then in amazement and joy he began to exclaim, "It's light. It's all light around me. There's no more darkness! I'm free! I'm free!" Over and over again for the next several minutes he kept saying, "I'm free! I'm free!" We spent the next several minutes just praising God together. The Lord's presence filled the room tangibly as we rejoiced together.

Thank You, Jesus! Our Deliverer, our Freedom, our Hope, our Love!

God continues to bless each and every time we step into ministry, and we are so thankful! Bless you for your prayers.