Restaurant Owner in Tijuana, Mexico Allowed Healers to Minister to Guests - Bethel

April.16.14 (shared from Bethel website - link is on our connections page)

After a Sunday service in Tijuana that pretty much saw everyone in need of healing healed (about 13 people), our team members were enjoying some amazing fish tacos at a restaurant. While we were eating, a man was singing Mexican ballads over the guests. I spontaneously thought, "I want to sing over the guests too—about God's love!"

After we finished eating, I hesitated for a while but then, after consulting the Holy Spirit, went to explain to the restaurant boss who we were and what we had seen that day in the service and to ask for permission to use the mic to bless the guests and call out words of knowledge for healing.

He hesitated for a little bit, then said, "Yes, of course." The guy who was singing, the owner of the mic, responded even more excitedly, "Of course, absolutely!" He even helped us call out the words of knowledge.

I was afraid that it might be a very offensive thing to do, but it proved the opposite. People were appreciative of it: a pastor who was there connected with us and wanted to invite us to their night service; the restaurant owner, who wasn't yet a believer (though his wife was), was so touched by the Gospel and asked "When will you come again?" And several people got healed in and outside of the restaurant! —Third-year intern, Stefan Djurachkovitch