Laid Hands on Stove and Commanded it to Work

Joanne Beasley  Feb 10, 2012

You have to hear it to believe it...I experienced God's generosity today. I was cleaning my stove top and an error code starting beeping. I looked it up, I called the manufacturer...they told me things to try and finally said I would have to call out a technician for $99 a visit plus labor + parts and have the control panel replaced. Really? bummer. Then I placed both my hands on the oven and said be healed in Jesus's Name (kind of almost humorously but talking to God and saying I really don't want to spend money on this, etc.) and thinking "...but it's all about faith" and knowing God is generous. Turned the breaker back on...and this is after about 2 hours of trying to figure things out, turning the breakers on & off, etc. When I turned the breaker back on...guess what? no beeping, no error code. God's generosity! Thank You, God!