Lost Voice is Found After Prayer As She Sings Her Healing - Bethel

April.28.14 (shared from Bethel website - link is on our connections page)

During our time in Valencia, Spain, I had the opportunity to pray for a woman who had lost her voice a week prior. She said she was not sick, but she had simply lost her voice and had not been able to get it back.

As I prayed for her, an image came across my mind of her singing. So I asked her if she liked to sing. She said yes but that she was ashamed of singing. So I asked her to try to sing out, as an act of faith. She tried, and amidst her coughing, I could hear a little bit of her voice come back, a little more than the whisper she had when I first met her.

So we prayed again, and I had the thought to have her picture herself singing in heaven, where there is no sickness or disease—only complete health and wholeness. And I explained that Jesus died to bring the Kingdom of heaven to earth, which is our inheritance. So as I prayed, I asked her to physically sing out while she closed her eyes and imagined herself singing in heaven.

I was as shocked as she was, but her voice came completely back! We were both letting out shouts of joy at the end of it. God still heals today! It was so amazing to be able to be used by God. This lady started crying tears of joy and felt so loved.

—First-year student, Christa Parro