Allergic Rash on Leg is Healed - Bethel

April.10.14 (shared from Bethel website - link on our connections page)

We hosted an event called Spirit Break Out at a church in L.A. Everyone of our team went to the front to give words of knowledge for healing. My word of knowledge was for people who couldn't have children. Two couples who were already a little older came to the front, and I prayed for them and right after that, I had to go upstairs to minister at the prophetic booth. The first couple that came to my booth explained that they were trying to get pregnant, but that the wife was very stressed out and didn't have her period for a couple of months. On top of that, she had a very bad allergic rash on all of her leg, which made her feel very uncomfortable. I prayed for them as a couple, blessed them and prayed also for her leg to be completely healed.

A couple of days later, when I was already back in Redding, I received an e-mail on Facebook from a lady I didn't know. She told me, that she was the woman I prayed for and that her leg was completely normal again.
—BSSM First-year student, Evelzn Steigbuegel