Overheard Lady Talking of Pain - 1 Prayer Later - Healed

Jesse Snow  Dec 5, 2011

I was just walking outside between classes and heard the lady walking behind me telling her friend that her legs just started hurting and she didn't know why. I didn't interrupt their conversation but when they split up I went up to the lady and asked her about her legs.

She told me they were hurting and tight and I said "well my name's Jesse I pray for the sick and they get better because God loves us. I would love to pray for you really quick because I believe God is going to take all that pain away" (I don't always ask to pray, usually I just pray a few words without getting their permission, but I felt she was open).

She said okay so I asked for her hand and told the pain and whatever was causing it to leave. Then I asked her how they felt and she said they were completely better, not a bit of pain left :) She was a Christian so she got encouraged in her faith and I told her that she could do the same thing for anyone she saw hurting and shared with her some scriptures of why she could do it.