Color Blindness Healed at Art Studio- Silvio Jimenez

Silvio Jimenez posted on facebook (TGN sharing from facebook post)

Last night at the end of the exhibition some artists were talking and packing their musical instruments. I was on the other side of the studio, and when I returned to where they were, they were talking of colors. I asked what was going on.

One of them told me that Micah could only see white, black and gray variations. Nicole was explaining to him the colors on that particular painting. One of them said, "Keep him in prayer." I said that was a good idea, but since I understand God's mercy, I also suggested that we all pray for him at that moment. We believe in the healing power of God.

Simply we were convinced that God would do something special at that time. Before we prayed for him, Nick (his brother in-law) said he had the same problem before and God, in the name of Jesus, healed him years ago. For that reason, I asked Nick to lead the prayer.

We prayed together and Nick and Micah were looking at each other until Nick asked him "What are you seeing?" Nick pointed to his eye ball and Micah started to cry with gladness and joy. They hugged each other for seconds until Micah started looking ahead of him at a beautiful painting by Nancy Cupp. He was crying and touching the painting and looking at everything around him. That was a beautiful thing to see.

All the glory and all the credit to The Lord Jesus and His blood's healing power. His brother and Nicole received healings too. Thank you Jesus!