Jesus Loves to Heal - Just Release Him and Watch Him Work

Brandon Hagler 5/29/13

Okay, full confession. I'm singing along loudly to Jake Hamilton this morning while driving. I'm singing "here am I Lord send me!" And I hear Jesus say, "Here am I Brandon, send Me!" And I started laughing uncontrollably!!! Jesus is absolutely hilarious and awesome... And wants to be unleashed!!!

So I gave Him what he asked for this afternoon and watched Jesus do His thing and heal a woman's knee. She is going in for surgery next week and couldn't put any pressure on the knee because the knee is so weak and the pain is so intense. Jesus replaced the pain with strength and flexibility in the knee. She couldn't contain her joy and said it feels like someone injected lubrication into her knee and it feels better than it had in years. She could walk perfectly and was amazed at the outrageous love of her Maker. Yay Jesus! Kingdom take over!