Healing Came After Occult Item Was Removed - Figi

Nick Sayers  Dec 9, 2011

In 2001, I was in Lautoka hospital in Fiji. It was a great time because after praying for a few patients, the main doctor told us (a friend and I) that we could go through and pray for all the patients. One was very interesting. A lady was totally paralyzed and could only move her eyes, speak a little and roll her head slowly from side to side. After I started praying I felt the Spirit say “look” and I immediately looked at a piece of green string which was around her neck. I kept praying but knew in my spirit she wasn’t healed. After prayer I asked if she was better. She still couldn’t move at all. I asked if I could take off the green string. She said “yes.” So I lifted her head up, and took it off. After praying again, she immediately stood to her feet. I was astounded myself. She was nervous as she started to pack up her belongings! On the green bit of string was a piece of clear sticky tape. I said I was curious as to what it was, and I undid the tape. It had a small piece of paper in it, with Arabic writing. The lady informed me it was a verse out of the Quran! She recalled how that she was faithfully attending an AOG church, and went to a local Mosque to get “blessed” and remembered that not long after was in hospital! It says in the bible that behind every idol is a demon. I have experienced many testimonies where people will not experience healing until religious or occult objects are removed.