Bind Illness and Infirmity in Jesus Name - Mathew Howsham

Matthew 'Helen' Howsham  Dec 9, 2011

Awesome day. Got the bus home and there was a lad with a cast and crutches. I felt overwhelmed by God's love for him and asked him what had happened. He had a fractured ankle in 3 places and I asked if he wanted to be healed and if I could pray for him right there- he let me pray and the smile on his face was great. He was so grateful! I told him when he gets home to check it out- totally believing for a creative miracle!

Even better- I get home and mum has been in a car accident- she was crashed into from behind and was in really bad pain through her back and neck. She's had a terrible 2 weeks with stuff like this going wrong. I love her so much so I ask her where it hurts and place my hands on her back and neck and in Jesus' name I command healing, bind illness and infirmity and loose freedom and ask Lord Jesus for a creative miracle. I ask her how it feels and she tests it out... COMPLETELY HEALED!! She said it felt like ice/tingling through her back and she was so happy!!

Father God, thank you for how much You love us ♥