4 Month Pregnant Woman Entered Church with a Flat Stomach But Left Looking Normal - Freshwind

Super Fast Growing Baby

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May 19, 2014

Lani was four months pregnant. But her baby was unusually small. It was not obvious she was pregnant. In fact almost nobody knows she is pregnant.

During our revival meeting, we activated the people’s spiritual senses. Many testified of smelling and tasting different kinds of foods (like cake, bread, wine, etc.) even though there is no food tangibly before them. 

Lani could not taste nor smell anything. However, she felt so full. Her baby was kicking and her stomach seems to be expanding. Standing beside her, Edna saw right before her eye Lani’s stomach gradually grew bigger and bigger in just a few seconds.

Everyone who saw her stomach before and after were surprised. Even her husband was amazed.

Lani excitedly tells people that it was her baby who ate the spiritual food.

She entered the church with a flat stomach, but she left the church looking like a normal 4 months pregnant woman!