Divine Appointment and Revival Anniversary

Bryan and Mercedes Marleaux - 5/8/2013

We were just at a friends wedding up the coast when on our way home we stopped at a campground.  While doing a short bike ride the Holy Spirit gave me a clear "stop and talk to this guy" word when riding by a couple.  After a little conversation, I found out his girlfriend had been taking him to church lately, but he had never received Christ. "I am almost a Christian" he said.  Well, after talking a bit and sharing the gospel with him, he opened his heart and we prayed with him to receive Christ -- Praise God! He is "almost" no more.  Who wants to "almost" go to heaven?

That divine appointment and quite a few others we had at the wedding, where some people just got a blast of the Holy Ghost when we prayed for them right there in the middle of the reception, reminded me of our old friend and mentor Lonnie Frisbee who experienced so many divine appointments as well.  We then realized that it had just been the 33rd anniversary of the Mother's Day Outpouring that sparked revival.

lonnie frisbee outpouring.jpg