Pain and Bleeding From Tailbone Area for 5 Years Was Healed - Stan Donn

Tuesday 5/21/2014 Verbo Alphaville with Pastor Noberto...Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Stan Donn (emailed TGN these testimonies)

We had an amazing meeting that night where I shared with people about what God is doing around the world, and the authority and power that we have received from Jesus to do the works of Jesus here on earth.  There were about 55 people in attendance.  I did a simple demonstration of praying for physical healing and had people who never prayed for people before to come up and pray for people.  There were 10-12 who needed healing.  Everyone was healed including from the 5 people who had never prayed before.  It was amazing.

1. A man was healed of pain and bleeding from his tailbone area for 5 years by a young man new to the church who had never prayed for anyone.  The young man was overcome with the love of God of what he witnessed that he had a hard time describing what he experienced.

2. A young woman who had never prayed for anyone prayed for a young woman with tailbone injury and she was completely healed.

3. Another young woman who never prayed for anyone prayed for a woman with back and leg pain (level 10) was completely healed.