Healings Breakout after SOZO Session in Brazil - Stan Donn

Stan Donn emailed TGN these testimonies

Wednesday 5/22/2014 Verbo Morumbi with Pastor Jose Carlos...Sao Paulo, Brazil

We had a meeting with about 10 women who meet to pray for the church each week.  I shared a little bit about SOZO and the importance of forgiveness, renouncing occult, unbelief and anger.  I did a group repentance exercise with them and many received pictures and healing from Jesus of heart and spiritual pain.  For some, it was the first time that they received pictures from or heard Jesus talk to them.

The evening we met with just the leaders and servers of the church.  I shared on "Principles of Healing" then did an impartation and activation with them.  

1. Man fell down stairway and broke his wrist. Four months ago had surgery. Hand in a brace with lots of pain (level 7), pain in shoulder and elbow as well especially in the evening. After prayer, he could turn the hand with palm face up without pain. Level pain went to 5 then 4. At the end of the evening it was a level 2.  I encouraged him to keep receiving and that next day it would be well.

2. Woman with thumb pain level 6 received prayer from man when he had level 4 pain. She was healed completely.

3. Woman with level 9 pain for joint and arthritis in her hand from woman who was healed of thumb pain said she was completely healed.

4. Young woman said she felt heat in her body as I shared about God forgiving all our sins and healing all our diseases.  Her right leg was shorter than her left and she walked like Charlie Chaplan. I also shared about legs growing out.  She felt her leg grow out without anyone praying for her.  We checked and saw her heel perfectly aligned in both legs/feet.  WOW!  I have never seen that before.

5. A man was healed of back pain with no one praying for him.  He was her boyfriend.

6. Woman healed of sinus congestion with no one praying for her.

7. Worship leader with back pain level 8 received prayer from woman healed of sinus problem was totally healed.

8. Pastor Jose with needle-pricking discomfort in his back was healed as worship leader prayed for him.