Puppy Shot and at Death's Door - William Nichols

William G. Nichols  Dec 16, 2011

My friend's little puppy apparently got shot a few days ago. It collapsed in the front yard with blood gushing out of its mouth and nose. It had an entry wound in its left front shoulder. The poor little thing had severely labored breathing. It was limp when I got to it. I grabbed it up in my arms and took it into a private room where I kept it close to my body as I prayed. I rebuked death, commanded life and creative miracles. Within a few persistent hours the internal bleeding stopped. Its gums turned from white to pink. It began walking some. I have kept it with me and continued ministering. The next day it was eating and moving around. It isn't back to its old self yet, but it is REMARKABLY better considering that it was basically dead when I first picked it up.