After Prayer He Removed His Leg Braces and Walked

Tonya Swift  Dec 17, 2011

Prayed for a man on fb who is over 60 for sure. He had Polio and Gout when he was 9 yrs old. He wore leg braces and he couldn't sleep very well bc of the pain. After prayer he removed his braces and walked around the house without his feet twisting in {never done that before} and the constant pain was going. The next day he was walking outside and had not done this in years. His feet and legs are changing their shape said his girlfriend today and that he has no pain at all. He is going to the doctor to verify. What i learned from this is that healing is by GRACE through faith, bc this man didn't even really want prayer or knew i was praying for him,it was his girlfriend who asked me. In fact i asked if i could call them and they said no! lol. They are not Christians but they have gotten a good dose of grace from the great physician!