A Supernatural Light Takes Driver on a Wild Adventure

Steve Peace Harmon 5/27/13

A while back an old friend of mine really wanted to know more of God. We would both have these long talk about it. I would pray for him to have more of God in whatever way it looks. One day he was driving home on the freeway. All of sudden this huge light came in front of him when he was driving and he could no longer see outside his car. It was night time, by the way. He physically felt the presence of peace all over his body. He had always wanted to speak in tongues and the thought of speaking in tongues came to him while this was happening. All of a sudden he started to speak in tongues. Next, he had always had a concept in his head about what heaven was like. In his mind he always thought of it as a boring place. He loved sports and entertainment. Because of his limited view of heaven, he thought it was not that appealing. After he spoke in tongues he saw this vivid picture flash in his mind. It was heaven. What he saw in that flash was enough to completely change his entire opinion. He said it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen. This entire experience had gone on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Remember, during this entire time, his physical sight was obscured by this light. When the encounter was over he was literally off the freeway and a block away from his house.

He didn’t know how to explain how that happened and neither did I. I suspected two things. Either the Holy Spirit or an angel was driving his car for him during the time he was not able to drive or his vehicle actually transrelocated in the time of the encounter, kind of like what happen to Philip and Ezekiel. Fun stuff, huh!! Just another day in the Kingdom.