Demons Cast Out and Four People Set Free - Steve Harmon

Steve Peace Harmon  Aug 29, 2012

Did 4 deliverances today. The funny thing was that I didn't plan to do any. Demons were flying all over the place. Angels were busy rounding them up as they were coming out. It was spectacular! What I loved seeing was the 4 smiling, laughing and happy faces at the end. Some were drunk in the glory and others were having visions being caught up into heaven. One got to see in a vision of their entire life from beginning till now.

What was cool during one of the deliverances was when I had been commanding demons to leave out of this one girl and a guy who was sitting in the room, demons started coming out of him too. That was a first. I didn't know He had any, nor did he. The thing is, when you walk in greater authority with this stuff, it begins to happen easier, just like healing the sick. Praise Jesus!! 4 more have been set completely free for the first time in their entire life!!